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Dave was prompt, always answered our calls and always followed thru with what he said he was going to do. After buying and selling many homes with many realtors, he was like a breath of fresh air. brbtown2437 02/19/2018
I was househunting for 2 years and met dozens of agents. When I met Dave at an openhouse, he told me he did things no other agents did and it sounded good but I wasn't sure what he meant. He asked me to give him a chance to show me what he could do. I thought he was being dramatic but I returned his emails and answered some questions. He was able to get me into a house a week before it officially listed and it was the perfect house for me. If I never gave him a chance, I never would have believed. He's very good. Laura G. 03/18/2018
I was forced to move because of a career opportunity, I didn't want to as my family absolutely loved living in Saratoga Springs. I was concerned that because of a strict time constraint, I would be at a disadvantage negotiating the sale of my home. Also, I just didn't have much time to sell. Dave was amazing in getting my home sold for a fantastic price and actually creating urgency among the buyers. He somehow managed to get multiple offers for my home and I was able to move when I wanted for more than I ever thought I would get. Dave and his team were fantastic thruout the whole process. It was a great experience and I recommend him wholeheartedley. John Mancini 02/24/2018
Super professional. Super organized. Masterful negotiator. I was very impressed. James Bedard 11/16/2017
Dave was very knowledgeable and really helped my wife and I figure out what we needed and what we could live without. The building process was overwhelming at first but Dave guided us thru it and made it very enjoyable. If we ever sell he will be my first call. Nancy and George Reardon 08/15/2017
After trying to sell my home for 6 months with another company, with no success, David came in with a plan to get my home sold and put it into action. 3 weeks later my home was under contract and shortly after it was sold and I was on my way. Jasonredman243 11/23/16
Great home buying and home selling experience. You will not get this level of personal attention and dedication elsewhere. Dave and Tammy are with you every step of the way. andijam80 | 04/13/2016
My fiance Charles and I worked with David when buying our very first home together. Right off the bat, he listened to what we were looking for and was completely honest with us every step of the way. David was ALWAYS reachable, never hesitated to answer any of our questions and advised us through tough decisions. We felt comfortable knowing we had complete trust in him throughout the entire process. He never once made us feel pressured and through his actions and negotiation skills, reassured us he had our best intentions in mind. I don't know what we would have done without him! user657820 | 04/13/2016
We were looking for a second home in Saratoga Springs. David and Tammy first carefully went over with us our requirements and desires. They then presented us with possible listings. Over a period of several weeks they took the time to visit likely properties with us and to update the possibilities according to our growing experience. They gave us detailed sketches of the differing neighborhoods and what we could expect if we lived in them. When we decided on the house we were interested in buying, they provided us with selling prices of homes comparable to ours in the same development. They handled the ensuing negotiations with skill and good humor, calming any apprehensions we had about the process and keeping everyone involved in an excellent frame of mind. When we agreed on the price, they found us a top notch building inspector to evaluate the house and inform us as to its condition. The purchase itself went off without a hitch thanks to their meticulous preparation and planning. Throughout the process they acted with the utmost professionalism and care, communicating with us at every step so we knew precisely what was happening at every moment. We can recommend them wholeheartedly and without reservation. vjalp | 04/12/2016
As first time buyer we were nervous to enter this process. But they were really able to help us embrace it and even be happy about the search. Their experience and genuine passion for the job truly make a difference with other realtors we spoke to before. charlie007 85 | 04/12/2016
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Marketing Your Home

Now that your home is ready, it’s time to find your buyers. The effort required to attract potential purchasers depends on the current market conditions in your area. 

If you are in the midst of a sellers market where there is a shortage of homes for sale, simply throwing a FOR SALE sign out in the yard can produce a frenzy of activity. 

Unfortunately, most markets are nowhere near that good, so you better plan on putting in some long hours. You are competing with all of the other homes for sale, and the competition is often fierce. 

The first step in your marketing plan is to put up a for sale sign in the front yard. Before you run down to the corner drug store, keep in mind that a cheap, flimsy looking sign does not convey the quality image that you want. Invest some money in a nice looking, quality sign that will last longer than the first rain storm. 

It should be at least as nice as the ones that the real estate agents use. Call some sign painters and get some bids. 

Next, put together a professional looking brochure that communicates all of the features and benefits of your home. Include a nice picture of your home and touch on such items as proximity to schools, shopping, major transportation routes, major employers, and recreation areas. Also cover neighborhood amenities, age, appearance, condition, bedrooms, bathrooms, type and style, landscaping, garage, kitchen, family room, laundry, pool/spa, basement, etc. Don’t forget financial information such as the price, down payment, monthly payment, year round utility expenses, property taxes, what items are included in the sale (such as appliances, shelving, etc.), and of course, directions to the house along with your name, address, and phone number. 

A representative from a local mortgage company should be willing to provide you with all of the information you’ll need regarding loan programs, down payments, interest rates, monthly payments, etc. 

If you can’t do it yourself, sketch out a rough draft by hand and take it along with a picture of your home to a print shop. They should be able to fix you up fairly inexpensively. 

Once you have your brochures, you need to have a weatherproof information box to put them in next to (or attached to) the yard sign. Monitor the box and keep it full. 

Pass out the brochures to all of your friends and neighbors, any area businesses, relocation offices of any large employers in the area, and put them on bulletin boards wherever possible. 

Now write a good, enthusiastic sounding ad to run in the newspaper. Try to make your ad stand out from the others. It is important to have an attention-getting HEADLINE such as: 

Test different ads and see what the responses are. You can try running a different ad each week, or a different one in separate publications. 

Focus on the benefits of your home. Stress important items such as views, quiet street, landscaping, master bedroom, kitchen, and family room. 

The whole purpose of the ad is to get your phone to ring. 


The biggest complaint that buyers have with for sale by owners is that no one answers the phone when they call… or they get a child or babysitter that is not prepared to handle the call properly. 

You are competing against professionals. You need to be home, or be available via cell phone, call forwarding, or pager. If a buyer can’t get through to you, they often just go on to the next ad or call a real estate agent. 

Keep a copy of your brochure next to the phone, it can help you stay organized and not miss any features when callers inquire. If callers don’t want to set an appointment yet, offer to mail them a brochure. 

Also keep a call log handy, so you will know how many calls you are getting from which ads, and to keep track of names and phone numbers. 

Look into all possible avenues to market your home. Your area may have a FOR SALE BY OWNER magazine, or cable TV program, etc. 

An Open House can help get your home exposed to the market. Get some directional Open House signs and place them at corners leading to your home from major streets, and one in front of your house. Make sure to check local regulations before placing signs. You also may want to run an advertisement in the newspaper, many have separate Open House sections. 

Once you have attracted interested buyers, it’s time to show your home. This is where all your time and effort in preparing your home will really pay off! 

Before you set an appointment, make sure that the buyer is looking for what you have. If they need six bedrooms and you only have three, they probably won’t be serious about your home.

Also take a few minutes to politely “qualify” the buyer by asking questions about how long they have been on the job, do they own a home currently, have they been pre-approved for a loan by a lender, etc. 

You don’t want to waste time showing your home to prospects who can’t afford to buy it! 

Also, a few words of caution. People are not always who they seem, and you can never be to careful. One look at the newspaper or evening news is proof enough. 

It is recommended that you ask for identification and the license number of their car prior to letting strangers into your home. Serious buyers won’t mind, especially when you cheerfully tell them that it is simply a security precaution that was recommended to you. Also try to have a friend or family member present at all showings. 

Stash all small valuables out of sight. Even though you will try to stay with the buyers as they tour your home, you never can watch them completely. 

OK, it’s ShowTime! 

To get the most out of every showing, there are certain procedures you should follow, both prior to the buyers arrival and after they come in. 

Shortly before the appointment, open all of the drapes and blinds and turn on all the lights … even in the daytime. Turn off the TV and put some soft music on low volume. Set the thermostats so that it is not too hot or cold. If you have children, send them to a friends, or put them on their best behavior. 

If you still have pets in the house, get them out and freshen the air. Make sure all of the beds are made and do a quick pick-up throughout. 

When the buyers arrive, your home should sell itself. Be friendly and cheerful, and try to make them feel comfortable. Hand them your brochure, and take them on a tour of the property. 

Show the most appealing parts of your home first. Casually point out all of the features and benefits of your home. 

If they are not interested, they will probably politely thank you and head for the door. Don’t take it personally, the layout or something else about the house probably just doesn’t fit their personal needs. 

If the buyers are interested, you will know it. They will stay longer, and ask lots of questions. If they show serious interest, don’t be afraid to suggest that they buy it! 

It’s time to get a signed contract!


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Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated.

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