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Dave was prompt, always answered our calls and always followed thru with what he said he was going to do. After buying and selling many homes with many realtors, he was like a breath of fresh air. brbtown2437 02/19/2018
I was househunting for 2 years and met dozens of agents. When I met Dave at an openhouse, he told me he did things no other agents did and it sounded good but I wasn't sure what he meant. He asked me to give him a chance to show me what he could do. I thought he was being dramatic but I returned his emails and answered some questions. He was able to get me into a house a week before it officially listed and it was the perfect house for me. If I never gave him a chance, I never would have believed. He's very good. Laura G. 03/18/2018
I was forced to move because of a career opportunity, I didn't want to as my family absolutely loved living in Saratoga Springs. I was concerned that because of a strict time constraint, I would be at a disadvantage negotiating the sale of my home. Also, I just didn't have much time to sell. Dave was amazing in getting my home sold for a fantastic price and actually creating urgency among the buyers. He somehow managed to get multiple offers for my home and I was able to move when I wanted for more than I ever thought I would get. Dave and his team were fantastic thruout the whole process. It was a great experience and I recommend him wholeheartedley. John Mancini 02/24/2018
Super professional. Super organized. Masterful negotiator. I was very impressed. James Bedard 11/16/2017
Dave was very knowledgeable and really helped my wife and I figure out what we needed and what we could live without. The building process was overwhelming at first but Dave guided us thru it and made it very enjoyable. If we ever sell he will be my first call. Nancy and George Reardon 08/15/2017
After trying to sell my home for 6 months with another company, with no success, David came in with a plan to get my home sold and put it into action. 3 weeks later my home was under contract and shortly after it was sold and I was on my way. Jasonredman243 11/23/16
Great home buying and home selling experience. You will not get this level of personal attention and dedication elsewhere. Dave and Tammy are with you every step of the way. andijam80 | 04/13/2016
My fiance Charles and I worked with David when buying our very first home together. Right off the bat, he listened to what we were looking for and was completely honest with us every step of the way. David was ALWAYS reachable, never hesitated to answer any of our questions and advised us through tough decisions. We felt comfortable knowing we had complete trust in him throughout the entire process. He never once made us feel pressured and through his actions and negotiation skills, reassured us he had our best intentions in mind. I don't know what we would have done without him! user657820 | 04/13/2016
We were looking for a second home in Saratoga Springs. David and Tammy first carefully went over with us our requirements and desires. They then presented us with possible listings. Over a period of several weeks they took the time to visit likely properties with us and to update the possibilities according to our growing experience. They gave us detailed sketches of the differing neighborhoods and what we could expect if we lived in them. When we decided on the house we were interested in buying, they provided us with selling prices of homes comparable to ours in the same development. They handled the ensuing negotiations with skill and good humor, calming any apprehensions we had about the process and keeping everyone involved in an excellent frame of mind. When we agreed on the price, they found us a top notch building inspector to evaluate the house and inform us as to its condition. The purchase itself went off without a hitch thanks to their meticulous preparation and planning. Throughout the process they acted with the utmost professionalism and care, communicating with us at every step so we knew precisely what was happening at every moment. We can recommend them wholeheartedly and without reservation. vjalp | 04/12/2016
As first time buyer we were nervous to enter this process. But they were really able to help us embrace it and even be happy about the search. Their experience and genuine passion for the job truly make a difference with other realtors we spoke to before. charlie007 85 | 04/12/2016
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Preparing Your Home for Sale

Properly preparing your home for sale can make the difference between a quick sale at full price, and a home that sits unsold for months…even after several price reductions. 
The first order of business is to look at your home through the eyes of a potential buyer. Be impartial, and recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your home. 

Remember, potential buyers are going to be viewing lots of other homes, and if yours doesn’t stand out, it will be much more difficult to sell. 

Buyers buy what they see. If what they see is dirty, messy, or worn looking, you don’t stand a chance. 

It’s just like if you were going to sell your car. You would clean it thoroughly and make any necessary repairs to make it more appealing to a buyer. Your house is no different!! 

With a mental picture of a model home in your mind, make an “attack list” of items to be completed on your home. Keep in mind that all your efforts now will pay off big on closing day. Your objective is to present your home as well maintained, spacious, organized and clean. Many factors such as brightness, color scheme, sounds and smell subtly affect the buyers' impression of your home. 

EXTERIOR: Walk out to the middle of the street and take a good look at the overall appearance of your home's exterior. Good “curb appeal” will make that critical good first impression. Often, if a home is unattractive from the outside, buyers won’t bother to see the inside! 

You should have a well groomed, healthy looking lawn, trees, shrubs, and flower beds. Check your driveway and clean any oil stains with cleaning solutions, and move any old vehicles, trailers, or boats off the premises to a storage facility. 
Replace or repair any loose or missing roof shingles or tiles. 
If needed, replace or repaint the mailbox. 

Your front door is a focal point of potential buyers. Make sure it is scrubbed clean or completely refinished if necessary. 
Fix any broken windows or screens. Completely repaint the exterior if necessary, or simply freshen up the trim, window sashes, shutters, and garage door. Remove any political or other personal signs. Clean and neatly arrange any lawn furniture, barbeque grills, etc. 

INTERIOR: Begin with a complete, top to bottom scrubbing of every room, nook and cranny. Be especially diligent in the kitchen and bathrooms, which should pass the white glove test. Clean houses sell faster! 

A fresh coat of white or off-white paint will make the place look bigger and brighter, and give it a “new” smell. It doesn’t cost that much, and makes a big difference in buyer perception. otherwise, do a thorough job of touch-up painting. 

Have the carpet cleaned. If it is worn, replace it. This is a fairly big cost, but it makes a huge difference in how the home shows. You should more than make up for the expense with a faster sale at a higher price. 

Install the highest intensity bulbs allowable in all the light fixtures. This will make the rooms appear larger, brighter, and more cheerful. 

Clean all windows and curtains/blinds. 

Clean out the closets to make them look bigger. Store out of season clothes elsewhere and neatly arrange what’s left. 

Too much clutter will make a home feel small and disorganized. Move out excess furniture, especially worn or outdated items, and take down pictures that hide the walls. Clean off the magnets from the refrigerator, and box up any other clutter-causing knickknacks. 

Clean all the heating/cooling system vents, and replace the filters. 

Fix or replace all of the little things that you have been meaning to get to. Make sure that everything is working properly (toilets, appliances, doorbell, etc.) 

Attack the garage and basement, if you have them. Now is the time to get rid of any old junk, and clean and organize everything else. 

If you have lived in your home for a while, by the time you finish with your attack list you will probably have truckloads of stuff to either sell, give away, or dispose of. Your motto should be: “If in doubt, move it out”!! 

Consider having a garage sale. Not only will you reduce the clutter in your home, but you can use the proceeds to pay for some of your touch-ups and repairs. Plus, most movers charge by the pound, so you’ll save there too! 

If you smoke, DO NOT SMOKE IN THE HOUSE!! A smoky smell turns buyers off -- even buyers who smoke themselves! 

PETS: Pets should be removed from the home for showings. About 25% of prospective buyers will not consider a home with pets in it - either because they have allergies, are uncomfortable around animals, or simply think it negatively affects the condition of the home. Plus, a dog barking, sniffing, and scratching hardly makes a potential buyer feel relaxed and comfortable. 

Preparing your home for sale can be a lot of work, but it will be worth it. Clean, organized, clutter-free homes are always the first to sell! 

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Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated.

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